Bud Light Lime® Apple-Ahhh-Rita Is the Hottest Drink for Fall

Lesser Gawker Media blogs have called the Bud Light Lime® Apple-Ahhh-Rita—an "apple margarita with a twist of Bud Light Lime®"—"bullshit." That is a comically wrong opinion. Apple-Ahhh-Rita is the hottest drink this fall, just ask a teen, jesus. » 10/03/14 9:00am 10/03/14 9:00am

Saturday Night Live Forgets to Replace Weekend Update's Colin Jost

Yesterday news broke that comedian Michael Che would be replacing Cecily Strong on the Weekend Update news desk this fall. As welcome as a new black player is on a variety show that so often lacks, well, variety, most couldn't help but wonder, "why do we need another dude?" » 9/12/14 10:45am 9/12/14 10:45am

The Problem With Humans of New York

A girl from the required class for English majors at my college has lately been sharing a lot of posts from the website Humans of New York. I was inclined to dismiss it all as dumb clickbait—this was, after all, a girl who'd responded to the novels of J.M. Coetzee by asking about the South African head of the state… » 8/13/14 9:37am 8/13/14 9:37am

How Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence Can Avoid the Backlash

2014 is clearly the year of Pratt when it comes to lovable, ~totes normal~, DTEarth celebs. Comparisons to Jennifer Lawrence have been flying left and right on academic discourse website Twitter.com. But the backlash, or should I say Prattlash, is imminent. So how can these sweethearts dodge the fangs of too much… » 8/07/14 2:00pm 8/07/14 2:00pm